A real jungle experience in Sumatra!

Our team is ready to spot orangutans with you!

Experience real jungle life with our team of local guides. Together with your guide you will explore different parts of the jungle and try to spot orangutans and other wildlife. All guides speak good English, have a really good eye to spot wildlife, especially orangutans, and have an extensive knowledge of the animals & life of the jungle. The team will take care of your needs and ensure that you feel comfortable during your time in the jungle. Trek through the jungle, spot the orangutans, enjoy a nice swim in the river, relax at the natural hotsprings and become one with nature. There are different types of trekking available: from more wildlife focused treks to long distance treks. Contact us directly to get more information about the different options.

There are only a few places left on earth where you still can find wild orangutan populations. Gunung Leuser National Park is one of these places in Sumatra. Close to Gunung Leuser National Park you can find a small village named Ketambe. Ketambe is the best place in Indonesia to start a jungle trekking and spot orangutans and other wildlife, like gibbons, thomas leaf monkeys, long-tailed macaques, wild pigs, snakes and hornbills. 

In our guesthouse we are working together with local guides, born and raised in Ketambe. By working together with local guides we stimulate the local income and support the families in the village. Our team of guides can explain you everything about the area around Ketambe, they all have a real passion for the jungle and a lot of experience. 

In Ketambe you can also visit the waterfall, do rafting or tubing in the Alas River or follow an Indonesion cooking lesson. For sure you will have a great time and a lot of fun. 

Jungle Trekking

We offer 1 day trekkings and multiple day trekkings, up to 1 or 2 months. The jungle trekking can be all arranged by us in the guesthouse. During a jungle trekking you will walk around 5 or 6 hours per day. Spotting orangutans and other wildlife, while exploring the jungle is the main goal during a trekking. 

When you book with us we provide a guide, porter, permit, all meals and drinks in the jungle, camping equipment (a tent, air mattress and sleeping bag), leech socks and storage of your luggage in the guesthouse during the trek. 

1 day trek                                                              

You will start the trekking from the guesthouse after breakfast. After a short walk along the road you will enter the rainforest. Around lunchtime you will take a break at a campsite along the riverside. You will enjoy a local lunch and you can take a swim in the river. In the late afternoon you will return back to the guesthouse.  

Multiple day treks                                                   

 When you choose to do a trekking for more days a porter is necessary. On your own preferences you can decide walking time during a day. You go deeper into the jungle and there is enough time to spot orangutans and other wildlife.                          On the first day you will stay at a campsite next to the river. On the next day you have to cross the river and you will continue your walk until a campsite next to the hotsprings. You can take a bath overthere, you will enjoy it. Porters will cook a nice traditional dinner for you.                                                            The program for the following days will depend on your own interest. Of course you look for orangutans and other animals. But if you want to relax its possible to stay longer at the hotsprings. The trip also includes a visit to a beautiful waterfall. 


If you want to do something different and more adventurous, you can decide to do rafting on the Alas River. During the rainy season the river will be stronger. All necessary equipment will be available. 

Cooking Class

Join us in our cooking lesson to learn the secrets of Indonesian cooking. The cooking lesson will be given by the mother of Irwan. She will show you the tradational cooking style still used in the homes in Ketambe. After preparing of a delicious meal, you can enjoy your meal in a local way!