Welcome to Ketambe

About us

Selamat datang, 

We are happy to welcome you to our website. We are Irwan and Dieuwertje and since August 2017 we are the new owners of this wonderful guesthouse, Pondok Wisata Guesthouse, located in Ketambe, North Sumatra. 

We got this place from the parents of Irwan and we are very happy to have the privilege to keep this guesthouse in our family.  The parents of Irwan rented their land years ago to other people and those people decided to built a guesthouse on this land. In August 2017 the contract of the land was finished and the land including guesthouse went back to our parents. They decided that we could take care of this guesthouse and so we did.

Irwan was born and raised in Ketambe, which gives him a lot of experience in and around this area. When he was young Irwan started working as an assistant for jungle trekking tours. After a few years of training he became a professional guide in 2010 and he started guiding his own groups. He has a real passion for sharing the secrets of nature and wildlife in the jungle.

Dieuwertje is originally from The Netherlands and travelled for the first time to Sumatra in April 2016. She fell in love with the jungle, the food and the lovely people in Indonesia. She came back to Ketambe for a couple of times. In April 2018 she decided to settle in Ketambe and to help Irwan and his family manage the guesthouse.

We are very happy to welcome you to our place. As owners of this guesthouse we offer different tours as well, according to your own preferences. Feel free to look around at our website and see what we can offer you. Together with you we want to make your stay in Ketambe fantastic!

All the best for you and we hope to see you soon in Ketambe,                          Irwan and Dieuwertje